Agrotech International is business alliance of S.K. (SahaKim) in developing environmental degradable packaging & compound business under brand name “Green Pack” by “Bio Mat” in Thailand and worldwide market.
As the ecosystem has been degraded by increasing of heavily consumption of plastic and non-degradable disposable product, we endeavor and oblige to provide the better alternation business & product solution (biodegradable compound) to reduce the ecological problem, environmental problem such as Green House Effect and other pollution problem from the waste of plastic and non-degradable disposable product.

Green Pack is Packaging Product by using Bio Mat compound (Environmentally Degradable Plastic, EDP) which is the latest innovation of nearly nanotechnology compound with combination of natural material, agro product and thermal plastic polymer (PP or PE). It is environmentally degradable material.
The main combination ratio is 82% dilutes PLA with natural mineral + 18% of PP or PE.

Can be blended with other plastic resins.
The ratio of BIO Mat. can range from 30% up to 70% to manufacture the products that require.
Can change the structure by natural, after usage without toxic residue

10% - 15% cheaper than non-degradable plastic
5 times cheaper than biodegradable material such as PLA

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