The main features of product are consists of:
Eco-friendly & environmental friendly
Environmental degradable
Food safety & non toxic contamination
Microwavable up to + 142 ºc
Frozen down to – 40 ºc
Strong & rigid (not broken easily)

The Main Drawback:
More weight

Disposable products:
Product Self Life is 2.5-3 Years and degradable period is within 6 months to 2 years.
Pouch & Shopping bags
Waste & Sanitary bags
Straws & Dining utensils
Food containers (Bowl, Box, Cup, Plate, Tray & etc.)
Dairy product (Bottle, Box or Cup)
Hair & Body care product (Bottle)
One-way packaging and etc
Environmental friendly products:
Product Self Life is same as plastic product and degradable period is within 5-10 years
Toy & House hold products
Computer & Electronics part/equipment

Factors causing the process environmental degradability

1) Photodegradation

2) Land Fill; living being such as microorganism or bacteria produce enzyme for breaking up the carbon in the molecule during the breathing process.

3) Thermal Degradation and Oxidative Degradation; surrounding environment such as temperature, oxygen, moisture, pH and etc.

4) Mechanical Degradation

25 Days

1 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months
Banana peels
Cigarette filter
Cotton rags
Nylon fabric
Orange peel
Tin can
Wool socks
2-10 days
5 years
1-12 years
1-5 months
40 years
40 years
6 months
2-3 months
>400 years
50-100 years
1-5 years
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