FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
   - Complies with the FDA Specification for polypropylene
   - Complies with the FDA Specification for polyethylene used in articles that contact food

US CONEG Model Toxics in Packaging Registration
   European Parliament and Council directive 94/62/EC (with amendment 2004/12/EC)
   on packaging and packaging waste

By SGS (Thailand) Certification: SGS (Thailand) Limited Laboratory Service
   ASTM D3826 “Standard Practice for Determining Degradation End Point in Degradable Polyethylene
  and Polypropylene Using a Tensile Test”

By Plastic Industry Development Center Republic of China
    - ASTM D5208 “ Standard Practice for Operating Florescent (UV) and Condensation Apparatus for Exposure
     of Photodegradable Plastics”
    - ASTM G53 “Practice for Operating Light and Water-Exposure Apparatus (Fluorescent UV/Condensation Type)
      for Exposure of Nonmetalic Materials”

By Thailand Institute of Science and Technological Research (TISTR) Industry Metrology
       and Testing Service Center Certification ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certified

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