Nisin E234 (500g)

The product: Nisin is a food preservative which is well-known and accepted around the world. As a food additive, nisin has E number E234.

Molecular Formula: C143H228O37N42S7



The character of Nisn:

Since Nisin (also known as Str.lactis peptide) is a polypeptide, it is rapidly inactivated in the intestine by digestive enzymes after consumption.  Extensive micro-biological tests have not shown any cross resistance between Nisin and decial antibacterial drugs.  Nisin prossesses anti-microbial activity against a wide range of Gram-positive bacteria and their spore which cause spoilage, and especially inhibits the heat-resistant bacilli, such as B Strearothermophilus, Cl. Butyricum and L. Monocytogenes.  It is a natural food preservative which highly efficient, safe and has no side effect.  In addition, it has excellent solubility and stability in foods.  It is not effective against Gram-negative bacteria, yeasts and moulds.


Range applications:

Nisin can be used in wide range of heat-process foods. These includes: fresh milk, processed cheese and other dairy products, pasteurized liquid egg, processed meat, seafood, canned food, fruit drink, plant protein drink, baked products, instant food, beer, wine and etc.  It can also be used as preservative in gelatin processing, cosmetics, drugs and health products.

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