BPE Products
BPE is made from non-food fiber (Bagasse). The product is 100% eco-friendly, chlorine free pulp material, non-wood fiber, non-toxic contamination, biodegradable in 45 days.

EDP Products
EDP Products
Environmentally Degradable Plastic (EDP) which is the latest innovation of nearly nanotechnology compound with combination of natural material, agro product and thermal plastic polymer (PP or PE).
Natural FoodAdditive List
Natural FoodAdditive
Natamycin can control almost all yeasts and moulds but does not affect bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms.

Natural Sweeter
Natural Sweeter
Erythritol is a good-tasting bulk sweetener which is suitable for a variety of reduced- calorie and sugar-free foods. Erythritol has a high digestive tolerance, is safe for people with diabetes, and does not promote tooth decay.

  Agrotech International Company is a fast growing company and specializes in trading and international business. The company core products are natural food additive and biodegradable packaging. Due to company philosophy in environmental and health concern, company deemed that it was company duty and obligation to serve for mankind, society and environment. Agrotech is endeavoring and continuing to source the best product to serve the need of customer and provide the ultimate benefit to health and environment.

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